Simple Excel Lesson No.1

by theexcelguys
10 months ago

Microsoft Excel is by far the worlds most utilised data management tool and is the backbone of most businesses.

It is built for all levels of users and any type of data which makes it the perfect tool for keeping your finances organised, your order tracking up to date or your household chores in check.

Whilst it boasts a multitude of very advanced features, there are loads of ways you can begin using Excel to achieve your desired results with very little training.

By now you have likely used excel to add information in a basic list format so let’s start there.

Lesson 1 – What am I looking at?

A spreadsheet is the working area you use in Excel. Whilst it is commonly referred to as this, experts will tell you that the sheet you are working on is called a Worksheet and the whole file is called a Workbook.

A new workbook will offer you three blank worksheets that can be identified at the bottom of the sheet as tabs labelled “Sheet1”, “Sheet2” and “Sheet3”.

When you look at a blank Worksheet you will see three very important things.

  1. Cells (the little rectangles)
  2. Rows (labelled on the left as 1,2,3 etc…)
  3. Columns (labelled across the top as A,B,C…etc)

Each cell has a reference which can be referenced by the x and y axis. So, if you are adding data to the very top cell, in the first column, you are using cell A1.